Works Published at 02/10/2018

A reinvented footrest...

R&D Engineering

We have been called on by Vincent Fourdrinier, an industrial designer, who has developed an innovative solution to accompany you on a daily basis in order to improve your health: the "eveia Active Footrest" !

Provided with an application, this active portable footrest connected to a flywheel enables you to:

  • burn calories,
  • stimulate your blood circulation and heartbeat,
  • reduce your anxiety and stress level,
  • strengthen your muscles,
  • improve your concentration and cognitives performances.

The concept: be energetic while sitting at work!

We currently accompany this company in the insdustrialisation of its product. Thanks to our experience in designing, we offer many solutions in terms of development.

If you want more information about this product, we invite you to visit the website