News Published at 31/03/2017

Benefit from a tax credit for your R&D projects!

CIR/CII agreements

The Reorev group, through its subsidiaries SDEI Ouest and SEF Touraine, benefits from the Research tax credit (CIR) and Innovation tax credit (CII).

Your expense on Research and Development (R&D) and Innovation (such as the realization of prototypes linked to the improvement or the creation of innovating products for the market) externalized at SDEI Ouest or SEF Touraine are eligible to the CIR for 30% of their cost and to the CII for 20% of their cost, in the limit of the capping defined by the General tax code.

These arrangements permit you to compensate an important part of the costs incurred by your company to improve your existing products or create new ones.

To know more about the conditions: click here (French)