Industrial product development

Our vision.

At REOREV, we make a point of adopting a user-centred global design approach in all our industrial projects. By integrating this methodology right from the start of the project, we offer our customers a complete and reliable vertical solution from product design to series production.

From product design to series production, in France.

Our commitment extends to the entire process, from initial development, through industrialisation, right up to manufacture in our workshops in France. We take a global view that includes every stage, with complete turnkey delivery. This approach ensures optimum efficiency and consistent management at every stage of the project.

The Industrial Product Development team has decades of experience of working on ambitious and sometimes complex projects. This diverse expertise enables us to take on each challenge with confidence and enthusiasm, ensuring the success of every one.

Over the last ten years, our workshops have produced 80,000 finished items from more than twenty separate projects. Each product is the result of a meticulous and carefully orchestrated process, reflecting our commitment to excellence and quality.

Our global approach for optimum results:

  • A people-centred approach through product design,
  • Vertical integration that simplifies your procurement process and guarantees continuity throughout the product life cycle,
  • Customised, innovative solutions,
  • The versatility of an industrial group's business skills,
  • Solutions from other fields re-appropriated for your own,
  • A differentiating factor driven by a passion for what has never been done before.

By entrusting your projects to REOREV, you can concentrate fully on your commercial development by freeing yourself from the constraints associated with the complexity of design and series production.



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As a true project manager in product development, based on a set of specifications, we support you from feasibility to series production, optimising the Quality-Cost-Delivery MIX right through to industrialisation in our workshops.

REOREV's industrial product development offer is a complete turnkey service.

We apply a tried and tested methodology that involves studying each project in its entirety under the umbrella of innovation, which has been the REOREV Group's DNA for over 50 years.

Centred on the user, our approach takes into account the entire life cycle of the product, not just its use, but also its manufacture, its context and its end-of-life, minimising its impact on the environment.

Our passion for what has never been done drives our approach to promote individual and collective initiatives that force us to rethink what already exists, cross-discipline our knowledge and create the unexpected.

GLOBAL DESIGN is both a macroscopic consideration of the entire product ecosystem and a microscopic approach to perfecting the details.

Whether you are:

  • An industrial company opting to outsource the design, engineering and production of one of its products,
  • A FABLESS start-up with an ambitious, realistic project, validated by market research and a POC that has been positively received by its target audience, looking for an industrial partner.
  • A VSE/SME that is a victim of its own success and lacks the human and material capacity to keep up with demand for research and production,
  • An ETI or Multinational with a need for application tooling for the implementation of its products delivered in large series to its customers,
  • A local or regional authority with a development project for its area that wants to involve global design thinking.
  • An award-winning inventor who has raised the funds to turn his idea into an industrial reality

✔ We'll have a response tailored to your needs..

You have:

  • A fabless strategy: business development, marketing and distribution are your areas of expertise. The rest you outsource,
  • A specific need for a small/medium series product outside your core business, for which you want to outsource the design and manufacture,
  • A need for application tooling for your mass-produced products to facilitate distribution and implementation at your customers' sites, this is outside your remit and you are looking for an integrated industrial partner to design and industrialise this tooling,
  • You've got an idea, a proven concept, a promising market analysis and you've raised funds, but you don't have the skills in design / product development / production / assembly. You need an industrial partner to support you from Proof Of Concept to series production,
  • You have a problem with a product or process and are looking to improve your results by investing in a new product,
  • You need to meet standards or comply with a directive and you don't have the time or know-how to develop and mass-produce the solution,
  • A simple question about the "make or buy" of a product in your catalogue.

✔ We are your partner for design, conception, prototyping, development, industrialisation and series production in our workshops. Developing your business. We'll take care of the rest.

Did you know? We're also developing solar energy products!