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Communication tools.

Are you a specialist in industry and innovation? Do you want to project your customers into a dedicated universe or make your communication media more dynamic? Do you want to add value to your products or your interfaces? 

Passionate about images and new technologies, we create striking visuals for your communication media. We help you to value your products, your company and your know-how. Our team, composed of 3D computer graphics artists, designers and mechanical engineers, highlights your products, your equipment and your spaces.

Speaking the same language as you in the industrial world, we save time in understanding and transmitting data. Both technicians and specialists in 2D/3D, we produce images with a high level of rendering without leaving out any technical details.

Expertise in virtual technologies.

We offer you our know-how through several immersive technology devices: virtual reality and augmented reality. Our HTC Vive and Oculus headsets and our dedicated applications allow you to interact with your products and to teleport yourself into your universe. We create unique experiences, whether it is through presentations of your products, or by accompanying your projects as a design validation tool. Our experience and the visual quality that we offer allow you to obtain innovative tools to your image.

Design and creative process.

Our team involve from the creative concept of the project, starting point to imagine your products or your interfaces.

Upstream of the industrial production line, our designers draw your products by providing an answer to the economic constraints, and to the functional, ergonomic, and aesthetic dimensions. Our goal is to generate added value for a competitive differentiation, and to define a real identity value. 

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Photorealistic images allow you to visualize your products or spaces as close to reality as possible. We create them from your native CAD models and put them in the most realistic way possible. We study every detail that makes up your photo. We define the light, the materials, the textures, the atmosphere given in order to confuse the virtual of the real for a total projection in your spaces or through your products.

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3D video allows you to put your products in motion through animations or to project yourself in an environment or space.

Whether it is entertaining, commercial or technical, 3D video offers you the possibility to see your products from all angles, to highlight them whatever the state of your project (under development or commercialized).

From the respect of the specifications to the realization of animations of more or less complex objects, our computer graphics experts master the whole chain of processes (3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lights, effects, post-production...).

As soon as the project is taken into account, our team, expert in 3D computer graphics, accompanies you in the development of the storyboard. The respect of this work methodology is necessary and essential to obtain a video in total adequacy with your needs, and thus to allow to emphasize your products or spaces.

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The HTC Vive virtual reality headset projects us into a 3D virtual universe. A step of parameter setting on the Unity software makes the 3D elements interactive thanks to the controllers and allows to be completely immersed in a virtual environment.

At the launch of the project, we parameterize the elements in the Unity software to achieve visible results in the HTC Vive virtual reality headset.

This tool allows you to immerse yourself in the spaces and makes sense in the support of the project launch. The user can thus project himself in the project space, teleport from one environment to another, as well as manipulate objects.

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Nothing is easier than to visualize your product in a real environment using your smartphone or tablet. An upstream configuration on Unity allows to create an application dedicated to a marker and to project a product. It is also possible to animate your product thanks to an interactive button integrated on the interface of your device.

At the launch of the project, we configure the elements in the Unity software and animate the objects in order to deliver results visible under every angle through your visualization tool.

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We offer you personalized E-Learning modules, graphic interfaces created for you, in your colors and according to your wishes. These modules are designed in a clean, modern, interactive and educational way. We use the latest technologies and software to maximize the effectiveness of your interfaces and increase the interest of learners.

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Our designers search for the most accurate shape for your product in order to combine savings, intuitive usage and perceived quality. They know exactly the industrial constraints and accompany you to help you formalize your objectives while maximizing the ambition of your projects.

We use design thinking upstream to orientate the conception towards creative axes of functionality and identity value.

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