Machining and assembly

Your factory externalized and secure.

More integrated, connected to the Core of territories and close to the actors of its ecosystem (clients, subcontractors and suppliers), tomorrow’s factory will contribute to the stimulation of a network and a local economy. We are able to manage rank 2 suppliers and invest to accompany you in your developments.

The culture of continuous improvement.

Having a culture of excellence and expertise as a leading integrator, we configure your means of production specifically for you and ensure the service rate and the quality while considering the entire supply chain. We anticipate your needs and schedule a permanent investment program of our means of production.

A perpetually evolving machine park.


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Do you wish to quickly and efficiently transform innovating ideas into successful final products? With our tools adapted to the production of unique parts, we can make functional prototypes that are able to experiment and validate your conception choices in your stead. We accompany you from the experimental model to the pre-series prototype.

You can then start a prospecting phase and show your prospective clients the point of the product through near reality tests. A true marketing lever!

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Our job expertise permits us to enforce the realization of complex and technological products. From small to medium-sized production, for complete products or subunits, you benefit from an agile and available factory, able to suit your rates of work. Moreover, we are able to counsel you and offer you improvements on your products.

All your products are controlled and tested with our measuring tools (continuity, isolation/dielectric…) before delivery in your factories. We thus ensure the quality of manufacturing.

We keep your dedicated tools in stock in order to secure your production. We anticipate your needs to offer you great reactivity along with optimized costs.

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We implement special assembly and cabling machines dedicated to your products, and we are available and operational depending on your production needs and guarantee certified and quickly delivered products.

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Thanks to the expertise of our tool mechanics and to the diversity of our machine park, we can make technical components for your production lines. We counsel you to elevate the quality of your products and are as such recognized in the healthcare and aeronautics fields which are known for requiring perfection.

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To make perfect parts has been our raison d’être since 1966. Recognized globally for the machining quality of our pure iron parts, we provide you with passionate and perfectionist expert technicians, as well as a machining centre machine park and high-tech multi-spindle machines. We care about the cosmetic aspect, guarantee the packaging’s safety and deliver finished parts (thermic treatment, surface treatment, assembling) in solid and reusable containers, adapted to your products and line of production.

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We are experts in activity planning, stock management, physical and information flows in order to optimize the processes of orders and deliveries. Our industrial logistics guarantee just-in-time delivery in short cycles in pull process according to your demands.

Treat yourself to the culture of excellence and quality advantages with no additional cost.

The continuous improvement of our work tool is an approach that we have planned through the development of investment programs to anticipate the future needs of our clients and constantly enrich our services.

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