Works Published at 16/06/2017

360° Virtual tour made for our client Novachild

Digital & Design

Novachild, at the service of innovation for children’s well-being, gathers and hosts a national network composed of companies, research and training centres. The mission of Nova CHILD is to help with the joint procedures and partnership in order to generate synergies on a scientific, economic and social level, and to boost the gradual appearance and the launch of innovative projects for the well-being of the child.

In close collaboration with a member of the Novachild network, the CNAM des Pays de la Loire, and students from the Colbert institute, we created 360° virtual tours representing the concept store pictured. The students wished to present 4 different store environments dedicated to their customers in order to meet the demands and needs of the general public. Technological concepts of connectivity were conceived, integrated and represented through these virtual tours. The user can thus project themselves in this new environment and teleport themselves as they go along with the visit in the location of their choice. Punctuated by interactive spots, this allows people to collect useful information and to understand the concept that was created at a single glance.


“We called upon REOREV in order to create virtually a concept of a futuristic store/selling point dedicated to teenagers which would then be presented at a professional seminar.

The challenge was to give life to the ideas that came out of a reflection process done by a group of students from the Colbert institute of the CNAM, using a client path filled with innovations.

The team in charge of the project managed to conceive a virtual layout in record time, with an amazing image quality and a meticulous eye for detail, despite the great number of elements provided in a really short delay.

The 150 professionals of the children' and distribution's world who were at the seminar gave it a very warm welcome.”