Works Published at 17/01/2023

Realization of automatic guided vehicles made to measure

Production equipment

CLAAS Le Mans was looking to further automate its production line to improve the efficiency and profitability of its operations. Our challenge was to provide a reliable, compact, safe and easy-to-use solution for the operators.

Working closely with the project team, we designed 14 Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs) for tractor production.

Far from the standards that exist on the market, we produced custom-made AGVs with an ergonomic height adjustment and a motorized roof reversal. Thanks to these features, the AGVs fit perfectly into our customer's production lines.

The AGVs are equipped with proximity sensors to detect obstacles and other vehicles. They are programmed to follow a specific route (trajectory control by an optical sensor) and stop automatically in case of error.

The control interface (IHM) allows :

  • to supervise the entire AGV fleet,
  • to visualize the position in real time,
  • to adjust the operating mode according to the needs (continuous mode, stop&go mode),
  • to follow the production,
  • or even to adapt the vehicle itinerary through a routing system.

Reorev makes specific equipment on request !

This project is an excellent example of how automation can help companies improve efficiency and profitability, while ensuring product safety and quality.