Works Published at 05/12/2023

Create curiosity with an epic teaser

Digital & Design

SAMSON AGRO's 3D teaser video, created from start to finish by our Digital & Design department, unveils their brand new range of skid-mounted booms. Optimised for precise application of natural fertilisers and efficient use of nutrients in the soil, this innovation is set to revolutionise agriculture.

The customer chose to produce a teaser to highlight its strategic advantages. The aim was to create a palpable expectation among the target audience ahead of the official product reveal, which took place at the Agritechnica trade fair in Hanover, Germany, in November.

The video, immersive thanks to 3D, positions the product in a memorable way, reinforcing SAMSON AGRO's brand image as an innovator and technological leader. The mystery maintained by the teaser narrative encourages viewers to find out more before the full presentation at the show, maximising the impact of the event.

In short, the teaser video - deliberately short, punchy and enigmatic - is an intelligent strategy for arousing curiosity, attracting attention and differentiating you from your competitors.

Have you ever thought of creating a 3D teaser to launch your new product?

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