Works Published at 01/02/2022

BOB compact dishwasher wash basket

Industrial product development

DAAN Technologies offers a new type of ultra-compact, autonomous, flexible and… customizable dishwasher!

The challenge for our team, which specializes in the development of plastic products, was to adapt the design of the basket to a use as close as possible to the user's needs and lifestyle.

Our expertise in the design of dishwasher baskets combining usage scenarios, compliance with standards and product design, has enabled us to:

  • to imagine situations that can be adapted to everyday needs,
  • to create independent and interchangeable accessories to gain flexibility,
  • to define an optimized use in its times of ecological responsibility.

The result obtained is the result of collaborative work with the DAAN Technologies team. We are proud to have carried out a Made in France project that meets real consumer expectations.

It was a satisfaction to collaborate between French Tech/French Fab partners who rely on French know-how in the development of consumer products.