Works Published at 16/11/2020

Realisation of a mast pointing machine

Production Equipement

As part of the development of new forklift masts, we were asked by MANITOU to produce positioning tools for the pointing of their masts.

The objective was to design and implement a new digital axis machine that automatically adapts to production by simply reading a Production Order (PO).

The interface between the various stakeholders and the machine was an important criterion to validate. The MANITOU team seized the opportunity to associate Virtual Reality with its project as soon as the design was validated.

From an HMI (Human Machine Interface) point of view, the dialogue was ensured by the implementation :

  • a 2D handshower, allowing the reading of the OF bar codes and the datamatrix of each tool,
  • and a touchscreen on the cabinet, the display of which has been duplicated on a 32 "screen. The latter accompanies the operator, from his workstation, in the order of the stages of manufacture of the product.

The special feature of this equipment is flexibility ; the machine can pass 185 different amounts. Access to the various functionalities of the equipment is secured by individual badges. All the production operations of each mast are thus traced and sent to the customer's network.

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