Works Published at 02/02/2023

A loader for your machine tools

Production equipment

We present you with a robotic equipment designed entirely by Reorev that can be easily integrated into all your machines. This equipment is used here to load a STUDER S33 cylindrical grinding machine.

Our customer NUMEC, specialized in the manufacture of gears and transmission parts, was looking for a reliable solution to improve its productivity.

The loading/unloading cell we supplied met all the desired criteria in terms of:

Ease of use and ergonomics:​

  • The machine can be used in automatic mode (with robot) or manual mode,
  • The cell is controlled via a fully intuitive human-machine interface and requires no knowledge of robotics,
  • Because of the free space left in front of the machine, the operator is free to move,
  • The stack of racks can be loaded quickly by forklift or manual pallet truck.

Productivity and flexibility:

  • The interior layout of the racks allows multiple configurations,
  • The programming interface makes it easy to arrange the racks (in complete autonomy),
  • Several rack formats (european / ½ european / ¼ european format) are available to order to adapt to the type of parts,
  • The preparation of series of parts in racks can be done in masked time,
  • The memorization and recall of production programs in memory allow to limit the time of series change for a greater production agility,
  • With up to 12 hours* of operation in total autonomy, the cell allows for efficient productivity (*depending on cycle time and number of parts).


  • Several safety features are integrated into this equipment, which allows you to maintain the integrity of your parts and machine tailstocks.

Thanks to this technology, you can now fully automate your operations and considerably increase the productivity of your company.

Reorev adapts to your working methods, multiple set-up configurations are possible!

With more than 25 years of experience acquired in the field of automotive equipment manufacturers and more than 500 pieces of equipment delivered, REOREV offers you its automation solutions to improve the output, efficiency and boost the capacities of your machine tools (lathes, machining centres, grinding machines, cutting machines, honing machines, broaching machines, etc.).