Works Published at 05/12/2023

Motion design for modern agriculture

Digital & Design

With motion design, immerse yourself in just a few minutes in the ingenious workings of a sensor integrated into the side panel of a spreader. This innovative device, devised by SAMSON AGRO, is based on the near infrared spectroscopy method, a tried and tested technology that has proved its effectiveness in the agricultural sector.

The REOREV challenge? To condense this complex expertise into a captivating video, and that's where motion design came in. In a short space of time, we managed to make the content accessible and attractive using dynamic visual elements.

There are many advantages to motion design in this context:

  • it simplifies complex concepts by making them visually understandable to a wide audience. The animations and fluid transitions guide the viewer through the various stages of the sensor's operation, making it easier to understand the technical details.
  • the playful nature of the motion design adds an engaging dimension to the presentation, capturing the viewer's attention and maintaining their interest throughout the video.
  • the bright colours and fluid movements create a pleasant visual experience, reinforcing the impact of the message and the memorability of the information presented.

In short, motion design is the ideal tool for making technical content about how a product works accessible, attractive and memorable.

So if you're looking to boost your marketing and communications efforts or showcase your products, don't hesitate to use this solution!

The GROUPE REOREV teams, who specialise in Digital & Design, will be delighted to guide you through each stage: creative research, script, storyboard, layout, animation, sound assembly...