Works Published at 22/04/2022

When virtual reality meets the aeronautical field...

Digital & Design

LANGA INDUSTRIAL is a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of ground support equipment for the handling of civil and defense aircraft.

The Digital & Design department was asked to illustrate the piloting of the lifting equipment by the HELPS control panel.

We have created a maintenance tool showing the use of this equipment through virtual reality. This support allows the operator to project himself in his working environment and to understand how to use the control panel.

Thanks to the development of scripts and animations created on the 3D models, each button on the console leads to an action on the lifting cylinders of the aircraft. This allows the operator to be trained in the use of the product before a real manipulation.

A technological support for training and maintenance appreciated by our customer and to discover in video below!


« The virtual glasses have been a success and a lot of people stopped to know how they worked so we are very proud of it. Congratulations for the great work you have done and for the speed of it. Thank you very much for making everything so easy!”

Paola Arellano Rodríguez (Marketing Department Manager of LANGA)

« Everything was perfect and with the glasses we have explained functioning of our HELPS easily and showing the real benefits of our system. We received a very positive feedback of training departments of our clients and also of the end users of our equipment. Please, extend our congratulations to REOREV team involved in the project »

Javier Gil (Project Manager of LANGA)