News Published at 23/04/2024

An interview that speaks volumes about our ability to develop and produce...

Industrial Product Development

What is Industrial Product Development at REOREV?

Didier MOULIN, Director of the division, explains:


An extract from the interview questions and answers:

     What is the global design approach?

“It's an approach that involves studying a project in its entirety under the spectrum of innovation, the Group's DNA for over 50 years. We're going to study a project centered on the user, while also considering the product's entire life cycle.”

      What appeals to you about product development?

“It's our passion for things that have never been done before, which in turn drives individual and collective initiatives to think outside the box and seek out things that don't exist elsewhere. We seek to cross-fertilize concepts to come up with an unexpected product that perfectly meets a need."

     How do the teams work together and collaborate internally?

“Product development is mainly organized around two resources: project managers and project study pilots, who in turn draw on a range of expertise within the Group."

     What is the cluster's strategic vision?

“The long-term objective is to continue to develop this activity until it doubles in size, and to generate the profitability needed to carry out future investments.

     What types of products does REOREV manufacture?

“At REOREV, one of our main areas of development is application tooling. We can also develop more general projects involving mechanical engineering, electronics integration and embedded intelligence.”

All stages of the product development process, right through to series production, can be carried out within our group! 

With REOREV, you choose:

✔ TO RELY ON THOUGHTFUL AND DIFFERENT DESIGN: explore every technical possibility, without limits, thanks to our experts in product design, intelligent mechanical design, calculations, plastic product development...

✔ TO PRODUCE IN CONTINUITY WITH A PROVEN QUALITY PROCESS: have your products assembled by teams involved right from the development process, in a flexible, fully dedicated workshop.

✔ TO FOCUS ON YOUR PRIMARY MISSIONS WITH RELAXATION: work with a trusted partner, who ensures optimized production management from A to Z.

And what's more, it's MADE IN FRANCE!

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